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La Cantinetta




We strongly believe that pair a right wine to a meal can enhance the taste and the flavour of the food in order to make eating a unique sensory experience.


Our wine cellar is ruled by our sommelier Francesca, who is always ready to guide you and suggest you what to choose among the wine variety.


The wine list describes the different type of wine per district and variety, but also the cellar where is produced to facilitate also who is not an expert to not get lost in the fascinating world of wine


Some of the names on the white wines list: Terlano, Ronco dei tassi, Pojer e Sandri, Inama, Pieropan, Vignalta, Otella, Zanovello, Villa Matilde.


Sparkling Wine Ferrari, Barone Pizzini, Fongaro, Le Colture, Bortolin and the french Paul Goerg.


Some of the name on the red wine list: Terlano, Foradori, Conterno Fantino, Tommasi, Domini Veneti, Capanna, Arnaldo Caprai, Le Felline. 


Passito wine and liqueur Maculan, Ca’ Rugate, Domini Veneti, Donna Fugata…We are waiting for you!

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