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Rosolina Mare is the pearl of the Parco del Delta del Po, an 8 km-long peninsula surrounded by valleys’ water and the Adriatic Sea, mostly covered by a dense and lush pine forest. The water of its sea invites you to long and pleasant bathes, while the beach, famous for its wideness, is a huge stretch of fine and golden sand, which is also extraordinarily clean.
This beach was also awarded in 2008 with Delfino Blu by ARPAV and with 2 sails by Legambiente and Touring Club on Linea Blu.
Alongside this huge beach there are several bathing establishments, equipped with several facilities that will make your holiday more relaxing, such as, for example, entertainment services, especially for children. All bathing establishments consider safety – both into water and on the beach - as a priority: that’s why you will find first-aid, motorcycle ambulance on the beach, lifeguards, water motorcycle for quick intervention. All of this, if matched to seabeds that are very regular in their growing depth, makes of Rosolina a very safe beach both for adults and for children.
Beaches where bathing is allowed stretch for about 8,5 km, with an average depth of more than 100 m.

Source: Ente Parco Regionale Veneto del Delta del Po





You can perceive a magic, nearly mysterious flavour in this land, where Man has always struggled with Nature.
Here land and water merge, patches of land unravel in an hypnotic, endless labyrinth that creates the illusion of the infinity.
Here, small groups of houses run along evocative landscapes with evanescent boundaries: fresh and brakish water valleys, canals, lagoons, small beaches, woods, pine forests, make of this area a rich land, a land of myths and legends, beloved by writers and described by the cinema.
In this land there are places in which water makes room to the country, where the air is filled up with the smell of officinal herbs.


Enchanted lands that should be slowly run through, discovering the overwhelming gentleness of the landscape, getting possession of the silence of nature, enjoying the mysterious intertwining of canals and groves of reeds, taking a look at marvelous sunsets so bright in summer and so pale in winter.
Seductive like only a few places can be, this is Delta del Po: a natural paradise between land, sky, and sea, where the unsteady advancing of the land finds its shelter into a sea that seems with no end.

Source: Ente Parco Regionale Veneto del Delta del Po.



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